About Us

Finer Desk was founded with functionality and beauty as the core qualities driving our design. We set out to build beautiful desks that you will be proud to have in your home or office, and desks that help you work more effectively.

Finer Desk gives you the ability to customize a desk to fit both your needs and your style. Each desk can be customized to include built in power strips, wireless charging, USB charging ports, computer monitor mounts, and lighting to make you look your best for your video conferences. You can even customize the stain for your tabletop and the legs of your table.

It doesn’t take a teacher and two mechanical engineers to design a better desk, but that’s just who we are. As we worked from home, we realized that our wobbly, veneer, synthetic desks just weren’t going to cut it, so we set out to design a finer desk. We hope you enjoy!



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